Retail Lending

Elizabeth Richardson

Retail Loan Assistant 218-333-4320

Leisha Gregg

Retail Loan Officer, NMLS #658306 218-333-4331

Christian Welle

Retail and Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS #1479286 218-333-4325

Candice Pflepsen

Retail Loan Officer, NMLS #1154057 218-333-9614

Aaron Weidemann

Retail Loan Originator, NMLS #2161679 218-333-4324

Aaron Thomas

Retail Loan Officer, NMLS #2114396  218-333-4323
Commercial Lending

Hugh Welle

President, NMLS #658309 218-333-4359

Ryan Welle

Vice President 218-333-4314

Christian Welle

Commercial and Retail Loan Officer, NMLS #1479286 218-333-4325

Amanda Brower

Processor/Hugh Welle and Christian Welle 218-333-4386

Russell Moen

Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS #658310 218-333-4363

Alexandra Theis

Processor/Russ Moen and Ryan Welle  218-333-4367

Jodi Schroeder

Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS #658303 218-333-4344

Caden Rolfes

Processor/Jodi Schroeder 218-333-4318

Bruce Bentfield

Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS #952701


Heather Dixon

Processor/Bruce Bentfield


Deposit Services

RoxAnn Aaberg

Deposit Services Division Manager


Joshua Horning

Deposit Services Assistant Manager


 Caitlin Haessly

Deposit Services Support


Carson Liapis

Deposit Services Representative 218-333-4340

Derek Benson

Deposit Services Representative 218-333-4333

Cindy Trosen

Deposit Services Representative 218-333-4377

Mary Richards

Deposit Services Representative


Heather Hanson

Deposit Services Representative


Joe Fletcher

Deposit Services Representative


Express Office

Todd Reierson

Branch Manager 218-333-4371

Tommy Vohnoutka

Assistant Branch Manager 218-333-9641
South Office
Jan Loisel Branch Manager 218-333-4392
Lori Lauderbaugh Assistant Branch Manager 218-333-4397
1st National Bemidji Investments
Ryan Welle Vice President/Financial Advisor 218-333-4314
David Balmer Financial Advisor 218-333-9613
Erin Grosz Administrative Assistant/55 Connection Director 218-333-4316
Career Opportunities 
Chelsea Bennett HR Manager 218-333-4312
Marketing and FNBB Foundation
Rebecca Bentfield Marketing Manager
Secretary/Treasurer of First National
Bank Bemidji Foundation
WeatherFone   218-751-7400