Direct Deposit & Payment

Direct Deposit and Direct Payment ensure that your payments and any payments you are receiving are made and received on the same day. You can view these transactions on Online Banking and Mobile Banking for confirmation.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit gets your check to the bank on the same day it is issued. The cash is in your account the day it arrives with no waiting period. Most companies offer Direct Deposit for payroll. Ask your employer if this is an option for you.

Federal Benefit Payments

All US Department of Treasury federal benefit payments are required to use an electronic payment option such as Direct Deposit to a First National Bank Bemidji deposit account. You can choose any of your First National Bank Bemidji deposit accounts to receive your payment.

Direct Payment

Use Direct Payment to pay your mortgage, car loan, dues, subscriptions, utility and cable TV bills, charitable contributions and other consistent payments. Ask companies you do business with if they offer Direct Payment.


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