Business E-Services

First National Bank Bemidji offers electronic banking options to save you time and money.  For more information talk with your banker or contact our e-Commerce Specialist at 218-333-4385.

ACH Manager 

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, used for electronic funds transfers. Use First National Bank Bemidji's ACH Manager to originate electronic vendor payments from your account, pay staff expense reimbursements, collect preauthorized receivable payments, rent or dues, or for payroll direct deposit. 

ACH Manager is a user-friendly, internet-based secure encrypted portal used to create and transmit your ACH files to First National Bank Bemidji. 

Benefits include:

  • Faster receivables to improve cash balances
  • Potential to negotiate terms with electronic payments
  • Reduce fraud exposure
  • Online entry or upload files from your software

Payroll Direct Deposit

Using ACH Manager, you can also pay your employees by electronically depositing their net pay directly into their account. 

  • Convenient and safe - no possibility of lost or stolen checks
  • Confidential and secure 
  • Eliminate cost of check printing and storage
  • No need for employees to leave work to deposit their paycheck 

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture makes it easy to scan checks and make deposits quickly and efficiently from your office, freeing you and your staff from making trips to the bank. You need the following:

  • Internet connection
  • PC with a USB port
  • Windows 7 or higher operating system
  • Scanner provided by First National Bank Bemidji