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Online Bill Pay

What does it mean to be check free? It means no more checkbook, stamps and filing cabinet. It means paying all your bills with a point and a click, and with maximum efficiency. It means having more control. More certainty. More time.   Now you can pay all your bills online, from anywhere -- home, work or while on the road.

Electronic billing and payment gives you the power to be check free. From your utility company to your dentist to your day care provider, you can pay everyone you pay now - anytime, anywhere - all with the click of a mouse. Schedule payments up to a year in advance, or schedule variable and recurring payments. Review pending payments and have access to full payment history.

You can also receive bills electronically from a growing list of the nation's billers. The bill summary and/or full detail are accessible right on your screen.

Receiving and paying your bills online is cooler, better and faster than paper. Once you enjoy the convenience of getting and paying your bills online, you will have more time for better things.


Rest assured that your online payments will be executed safely and reliably. All electronic payments processed through CheckFree are backed by the CheckFree Guarantee. This two-part guarantee provides protection from unauthorized transactions, and limits your liability for late-payment-related charges due to processing delays, so long as the payment is scheduled in accordance with the service Terms & Conditions.

It's the smart way to pay. Become check free.

Benefits of our electronic billing and payment service include the ability to:


• Pay everyone you pay now, from your mortgage company to your child at college

• Save time - pay all your bills with the click of a mouse

• Receive some bills online, eliminating paper bills

• Schedule recurring payments that you make every month

• Have control of when your payments will be scheduled

• Save money - no more stamps!

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