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FNBB Young and Teen Investor Clubs

First National Bank Bemidji has been offering our Young Investor program for many years. One of the many benefits of a Young Investor Savings account is no service fees or minimum balance.  All members receive a combined newsletter. Check out the Winter Young/Teen Investor issue.

Check out "The Road to Financial Responsibility" which provides saving tips for parents, grandparents or guardians. These tips can be considered for young investors at any stage from pre-school to high school. First National Bank Bemidji will work with parents and kids to start a savings plan. Call 333-4340 to make an appointment or stop in at one of our three office locations. We will discuss options for you and your young or teen investor.

The Young Investor Savings Account helps young people under 18 save for the futureLearning to save at an early age is made easier with the following benefits:

Statement issued quarterly -  Each month, the first five withdrawals are free, with a $.25 fee for each following withdrawal. Please note, preauthorized transfers, automatic payments and telephone transfers are limited to a combined total of six per month or statement cycle.  These limited transfers include such things as automatic insurance or utility payments, transfers that occur through 1st Net Connection, 1st TeleBanc or 1st Mobile and automatic loan payments to other financial institutions.

First National Bank Bemidji also offers additional benefits with free membership to one of our Young Investor Clubs described below. Please call 333-4352 for more details.

Young Investor Club 

  • Many savings and financial educational activities for young investor savers between the ages of 0 and 11

  • Coloring contests

  • Birthday cards

  • The Annual Young Investor Picnic is held each summer in the Main Office Garden Court in August. The 2015 date for the Young Investor Picnic is Thursday, August 6th.

Teen Investor Club 

  • Many savings and financial educational activities for middle and high school students between the ages of 12 and 18

  • Birthday cards

  • Seminar for Teen Young Investors and parents/guardians to learn about financial needs after high school. A tentative date for a fall seminar has been set for Tuesday, October 28th in the FNBB Main Office Education Center.

Christine Korhonen
Young Investor and Teen Investor Director
Each April our Young Investor Director and other First National Bank Bemidji employees make presentations at local schools and organizations. They reach out to kids of all ages during the month to provide saving tips and other financial education. Our employees also make presentations in several Bemidji elementary and high school classes throughout the year.  We will work to set a presentation time and place. Call Christine Korhonen at 218-333-4352 if your class would be interested in a presentation during April or other times throughout the school year.

Tours of First National Bank Bemidji Main Office may also be scheduled for classes or youth organizations. You may call 218-333-4352 to set a date for a tour for your group.

Suggested Websites:

Treasury Direct website: which offers games and activities to learn money, saving, bonds and other treasury related education.

Motley Fool website: which offers savings and investment information for teens.

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