Young Investors

Christie Korhonen
Christine Smith

Our Teen and Young Investors clubs are a fun way to help young people learn about money. Membership is free with a Young Investor Savings Account. We offer special activities throughout the year and mail a special treat with a birthday card. Check out our Young Investors Summer 2019 Newsletter!

Young Investor Savings Account

  • No monthly fee or minimum balance is required
  • Five free withdrawals or preauthorized withdrawals per month; with no more than 6 withdrawals per month
  • There is a 25¢ fee for each withdrawal after 5 per month
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Statement issued quarterly
  • Account holder must be under 18 years of age

Young Investor Club – Ages 0-11

Welcome kit includes:

  • Young Investor savings passbook
  • T-shirt
  • Zipper coin bag or quarter savings card
  • Young Investor book bag

Teen Investor Club – Ages 12-18

Welcome kit includes:

  • Teen Investor book bag
  • T-shirt
  • Pen
  • Savings record book

Young & Teen Investors Calendar

  • Saving with Mandy and Randy - presented at several local elementary classrooms
  • The American Bankers Association designates April as Teach Children to Save month. Presentations are available April and May. First National Bank Bemidji has participated in this program since its inception in 1997.
  • The Teen Director will provide financial services education in your classroom or at your youth organization meeting.  

Call Christine Smith at 218-333-4352 to discuss details of these opportunities.                                                                                      

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