DEBIT MasterCard®

Our Debit Mastercard® offers the added security of chip technology. 

Fraud risk management software is also implemented by our debit card partner, Fiserv. This technology recognizes a pattern of transactions that are not typical of your card use. If there were transactions that were flagged as atypical, you may receive a call from Fraud Prevention Services to request verification of a charge.  

If you have questions or if you receive a call, you may call First National Bank Bemidji Card Services: 218-751-2430 or Card Risk Essentials - Fraud Prevention: 833-337-6075.

Report Lost or Stolen Card

First National Bank Bemidji works to protect your debit, credit card or prepaid cards. Listed below are phone numbers to call if your debit/credit/or prepaid card has been misplaced or has been stolen.

Debit Card

Call us at 218-751-2430 during FNBB business hours. After business hours, please call the After-Hours Hot Card phone number at 1-800-264-5578.

Instant Fraud Alerts

All debit card transactions are automatically monitored for fraud and enrolled in our free alert system. Get instant fraud alerts via phone call, text message and email if suspicious activity occurs on your account.

Fraud Alert Details

Traveling out of Minnesota?

If you are traveling let us know. Call First National Bank Bemidji and we will place a travel notification on your card. Once we have added this information to your profile, your card will not be frozen due to transactions made outside of the area. Stop in or call any of our offices to request a travel notification for your card.  We also recommend carrying a credit card or secondary form of payment in the event that your card is lost while you are traveling.

Credit Card

Call 1-800-558-3424 to report your lost or stolen First National Bank Bemidji Credit Card.