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VISA® Check Card

The VISA Check Card enhances your 1st Teller 24 ATM card so you can access funds from your checking account wherever you see the familiar VISA symbol.  Use it for convenient payment without writing a check. That means you're a welcome customer at more than 11 million stores, restaurants, hotels and other locations, whether you're in Bemidji, in the Bahamas or in Bali. 

Benefits of a VISA Check Card:

  • When you carry your VISA Check Card, you don't have to carry excess cash - that makes you safe at home or abroad

  • No waiting for check approval or clearance -simply sign your receipt as you would a charge card slip

  • When you use your VISA Check Card, to make a purchase, you may select "Debit" at the terminal and enter  your PIN (Personal Identification Number.) No signature is required. If you elect to use a PIN, you will have the option to get cash back at participating merchants. To take advantage of this option, you will select "Cash Back" at the point of sale and get cash at the merchant register.

  • Purchase tracking is easy -all your transactions are listed in your checking statement with a detailed description

  • Cash is at your fingertips - through MoneyPass® which is a coast-to-coast surcharge-free ATM network as well as at 300,000 financial institutions worldwide that display the VISA symbol. This means FNBB customers will not be charged additional surcharges by financial organizations or businesses that own the ATM.                                                                                                      

What more could you want? Contact First National Bank Bemidji today to get your VISA Check Card.

FYI - First National Bank Bemidji is being proactive in protecting your visa debit card.  From time to time it will be necessary to restrict transactions in some states where there is a high trend of fraud. Please call us at 218-751-2430 if you are experiencing trouble using your VISA Check Card. If you plan on traveling out of Minnesota, please contact us so we can inform you of possible restrictions. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we are taking these steps to assure the safety and security of your money.  

Please call us at 218-751-2430 if you experience any difficulty using your VISA Check Card. After regular business hours call 1-800-448-5175 and leave us a message with contact information and we will call you at our first opportunity. Your checking account and other account transactions can be reviewed via First Net Connection.

After-Hours Hot Card: 1-800-264-5578 - Call this number if your card is missing/stolen.


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