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1st Net Connection Enrollment

The following bullets describe the fields we will ask you to enter on the 1st Net Connection enrollment form. After you have read this page, press the "Enroll Now" button at the bottom to continue to the application.

  • Full Name
    Enter the name that appears on your bank records. Businesses, please enroll using your business name. Businesses who have authorized signers (other than business owners) and/or have lines of credit will be contacted upon receipt of your  enrollment form to discuss access guidelines.

  • Social Security Number
    Individuals, please enter your Social Security Number.
    Businesses, use the Tax Identification Number that corresponds to your business.

  • E-Mail Address
    Please enter your e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address, or do not wish to share it with us, please enter This will allow you to enroll without an actual email address. 

  • Please Enter One of Your Account Numbers
    Enter a valid First National Bank account number. This can be your checking, savings, certificate or loan number.

  • What Type of Account Was Entered?
    Use the drop-down box to identify the type of account listed above.

  • Security Question
    Choose a question that only you will be able to answer. The staff at First National Bank Bemidji will be able to ask you this question to help verify your identity if you need to contact the bank for any reason.

  • Security Answer
    Type the answer to the Security Question that you have chosen above.

If the information you've entered verifies to our account records, a Welcome screen will appear.  Your 1st Net Connection enrollment form will be sent immediately to First National Bank Bemidji.  If you have any difficulty enrolling, please contact your personal banker at 218-751-2430 or e-mail us at for assistance.



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