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Deluxe Provent ID Protect Plus

First National Bank Bemidji and Deluxe are pleased to bring you Deluxe Provent®, an integrated suite of identity theft protection services that provides identity theft protection on all fronts, including: Prevention, Detection and Restoration.

Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes in the country, affecting millions of people every year. The results can be financially and psychologically devastating to the victims. Identity theft can tie up your resources, steal your time, and complicate your life. It takes, on average, a whopping 33 hours to repair the damage done by identity theft. While institutions may absorb many costs, out-of-pocket costs are typically nearly $631.

Deluxe Provent ID Protect Plus® is delivered by Deluxe Corporation® in partnership with EZShield®, a leader in identity theft protection. This powerful service provides:

  • Credit monitoring and alerts to notify you of certain activities associated with your credit file.

  • Internet monitoring of certain data and records, along with alerts.

  • A dedicated Resolution Specialist to assist you if you have an identity theft event.

  • EZShield Wallet. 24/7 access to a password-protected, encrypted secure information area containing essential personal information you want to manage and protect: identification, contact information, credit cards and bank accounts. EZShield Wallet helps to eliminate paper trails and reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft.

  • The EZShield Promise: Should you experience an identity theft event, certain preventive and services will be provided to mitigate further risks.

Getting started with your new service is simple. Visit to complete your activation and begin utilizing your identity theft product. We're confident that the Deluxe Provent ID Protect Plus service will provide you more value as a customer of First National Bank Bemidji.

Please contact Deposit Services and Investments at 218-333-4340 and ask for more details about Deluxe Provent ID Protect.