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Direct Deposits and Direct Payments

Direct Deposit will save you time plus assure your paycheck gets to First National Bank Bemidji the same day it is issued. You may access your funds on payday with no waiting period. Most companies offer Direct Deposit for payroll. Ask your employer if this is an option for you.

Use Direct Payment to pay your mortgage, car loan, dues, subscriptions, utility and cable TV bills, charitable contributions and other consistent payments. Ask companies that you do business with if they offer Direct Payment.

Call us at 333-4384 for more information on how you can benefit from Direct Deposit and Direct Payments.

Federal Benefit Payments

All US Department of the Treasury federal benefit payments are required to use an electronic payment option such as Direct Deposit to a First National Bank Bemidji account. You may call Vickie Meyer, Go Direct Specialist at 218-333-4384 to discuss your options.

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination - Direct Deposit and Direct Payment

First National Bank Bemidji recognizes our customers have busy life styles. In order to strengthen our partnerships with our customers, we work to provide products and services that will help you and your business. The most common use for the ACH system is for payroll deposit services. Today, ACH services offer so much more.... 

  • Travel reimbursements

  • Dividend payments

  • Pension payments

  • Rental payments

  • Customer payments - fees or membership etc

  • Health Savings Account contributions

  • Utility bills

  • And more...


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cost of this service save money for my business?

Yes! You will eliminate the cost of check printing, time spent signing, separating and stuffing envelopes, putting stop payments on lost or stolen checks, reissuing checks and monthly check reconcilement.

What are the conversion costs?

Expenses are determined on a case by case basis. We will discuss with you the options available and costs associated with them.  These costs will be outweighed by the money you will save.

Will my employees want direct deposit?

Absolutely. A large percentage of businesses already offer this benefit to their employees. Research studies indicate direct deposit is widely accepted by their employees.

Will my customers want direct payment services?

Yes! It will improve your company's image by showing your customers that you are customer oriented.


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