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1st Net Bill Pay

1st Net Bill Pay is like having your own personal accountant. There will be no more check writing, postage, or trips to the mail box or post office. With 1st Net Bill Pay, paying your bills is easy to do from any computer with Internet access.

  • Secure - Like our Internet banking program, 1st Net Connection, 1st Net Bill Pay is password protected and provides a safe, secure way to pay your bills. All information comes to First National Bank Bemidji's secure site.

  • Fast - Paying your bills with 1st Net Bill Pay takes only a few minutes. You enter the name and address of the payee the first time. After that the system will fill in this information at your request. Bills are paid directly from your First National Bank Bemidji checking account.

  • Flexible - Your bills can be paid "on demand" (now), at a set time each month, or you can schedule bills for a payment at a later date. You may cancel or change a 1st Net Bill Payment at any time.

  • Confidential - Because you access account information using First Secure - which identifies you and more importantly you will identify your bank, First National Bank Bemidji.  

          Here's how it works:

First Secure - During the 1st Net Connection enrollment process you will choose a private image and a pass phrase.  Each time you log in to 1st Net Connection, the private image and pass phrase chosen during enrollment will be presented to you before you enter your password.  If the image and pass phrase presented match what you chose during enrollment you are at the correct website and may safely complete the log in process.  This extra step will ensure you that it is safe for you to check your banking account, make transfers, and pay your bills electronically

  • Accessible - 1st Net Bill Pay is available 24 hours a day from any computer with Internet access.

  • Affordable - Free with eStatement enrollment. Without eStatements, charges are $2.00 per month, and $.25 per item or $20.00 per year, and $.25 per item.

If you are interested in 1st Net Bill Pay you can complete our online 1st Net Bill Pay application or call 218-751-2430 for more information.


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