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Mastercard® Gift Cards and Prepaid Debit Cards - GPRs (General Purpose Reloadables)

Purchasing a Gift Card is easy and convenient at First National Bank Bemidji. Visit one of three office locations to purchase a perfect gift for anyone, anytime.

  • Give $10 to $850 per card

  • Select a design to fit the recipient and occasion

  • Instantly activated at time of purchase

  • Present your gift in an attractive card carrier

  • Ideal for any holiday or occasion

  • Easy to stay on your shopping budget

  • A gift that doesn't get returned

  • No more worrying about what to buy for people on your list 

  • It's always the perfect size

Call us at 751-2430 for more information or if you have questions about this convenient gift giving product. 

First National Bank Bemidji also offers a MasterCard prepaid debit card or GPR (General Purpose Reloadable) card. There are four options with varying benefits and fees. The four options include:

  • The Online is a seperate card that you can use for online shopping to help protect bank balances or credit lines from disruption if the card is compomised.

  • The Traveler is a safe and convenient alternative to cash, credit and VISA® CheckCard when traveling. It helps protect your bank balances and credit lines if your card is lost or stolen. It is smarter than a credit card. The Traveler card helps you budget and avoid unwanted debt by spending only what you load.

  • The Student is ideal for the high school student leaving home for travel, college, or other opportunities. It offers the purchase power of MasterCard without the risk of piling up credit card debt. Jam-packed with cool features to help students take control of their finances.

  • The Unlimited Access card is a great alternative to a traditional checking account for those applicants who do not qualify for a checking account or don't want the risk of overdrafts and overdraft fees. Unlimted Access is offered to consumers at a flat monthly fee that includes all transactions and purchases.

Purchase price is $4.95. Our First National Bank Bemidji staff will disscuss your options and possible fees and benefits of each of the above cards. Call us at 751-2430 or stop in at one of our three office locations to discuss which option will be best serve your needs.

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