55 Connection

Erin Grosz
Erin Grosz

55 Connection is our banking group for customers who are 55 years of age or better. Membership offers free and discounted banking services, travel opportunities, seminars and social events. To become a member of 55 Connection you or your spouse must be 55 years of age and have a qualifying account at First National Bank Bemidji. We have a lot of fun. We hope you will consider joining us! To enroll, contact 55 Connection Director, Erin Grosz, at 218-333-4316 or by email to 55Connection@fnbbemidji.com.

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Special banking benefits of 55 Connection membership:

  • Free personalized wallet style 55 Connection checks
  • No issue fee for cashiers checks and  money orders (limit 3 per visit)
  • Free signature guarantee and notary service
  • Free photocopies (we reserve the right to limit the number of free copies)
  • One-time discount on safe deposit box
  • Reduced Fee Fax service
  • Debit Mastercard/ATM card
  • No penalty IRA rate change (applies to members 59 1/2+)

Any one of the following entitles you to free membership in 55 Connection. If your average monthly balance falls below the minimum there is a $5 membership fee for that month.

  • Average monthly balance of $1,500 in a First Plus Checking Account or Statement Savings Account
  • Average monthly balance of $5,000 in a Money Market Savings Account
  • $10,000 or more in any combination of Certificates of Deposit

We also offer banking services at Birch Haven Village and WoodsEdge Windsong & Trillium Bemidji.